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I’ve Hired a Commercial Cleaning Company. Now What?

If you’ve hired a commercial cleaning company to handle your regular cleaning, there are a few tips to help ensure your needs and expectations are met. Perhaps you’ve engaged a floor cleaning company or a professional janitorial company to handle specific tasks such as new construction cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning. Or maybe you’re using a professional to handle all of your commercial cleaning duties. Our next series of articles will cover some steps to take when working with a commercial cleaning company.

Develop a Schedule

It is important to develop a schedule that works for both you and your commercial cleaning company. Be sure to communicate your cleaning needs and any special circumstances that need to be considered. Your commercial cleaning schedule should include the frequency of cleaning, specific areas that need attention, and any special requests. Once you have created a schedule, be sure to review it regularly with your commercial cleaning company crew to determine if any updates are needed.

Communicate Your Expectations

When working with a commercial cleaning company, it is important to clearly communicate your expectations. This includes specifying the types of services/cleaning you expect, setting standards for quality and timeliness, and providing feedback on a regular basis. Communicating your expectations up front helps ensure your commercial cleaning company better understands your overall needs.

Our next article will cover more tips for working with your janitorial company.

Preferred Services Group (PSG Cleans) is an experienced and trusted janitorial company offering high quality residential and commercial cleaning services throughout the Lowcountry. We offer commercial kitchen cleaning, new construction cleaning, deep cleaning, and all general / routine cleaning services. Are you seeking a floor cleaning company and/or need janitorial cleaning services for a business or commercial building such as a medical facility, school, warehouse, or office building? Or are you in need of residential cleaning for a single family or multi-family home? If so, give PSG Cleans a call today!

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